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Analytics: Elevating the impact of professionals
A small elite of data scientists is not enough to create an analytics savvy organization. Our action learning approach helps small teams of professionals develop analytics savvy by applying it to their existing projects. 

This approach accelerates successful project delivery, while showing the tight link between analytics savvy and business savvy.

This is absolutely what you should be doing to elevate the capability of your people in a world of AI, automation and analytics.
You owe it to HR pros to give them a chance to build the skills they need for the future; and you owe it to the business to deliver an enhanced HR function.

Research: Clarifying complex topics
Reports for think tanks, leaders, and content marketing for HR vendors; focusing on:

  • What is really important?
  • What is new?
  • What is actionable?


Leadership Development: Social learning
Dr. Henry Mintzberg’s social learning/peer coaching is the single best approach today for developing managers across the organization. If you are interested in trying a new, lean approach to learning then let’s find a way to bring CoachingOurselves to your organization.

Executive Briefings: Pushing the boundaries
If your organization needs someone to facilitate a discussion on a challenging topic customized to your context then let’s get in touch.
Topics include:

  • Disruptions: What disruptions do we need to be preparing for?
  • Risk: What the impact of People & Culture on Risk
  • Innovation: How do we get HR to play its role in Innovation?
  • AI: What should we be doing about AI right now?

The key in these discussions is surfacing relevant knowledge and building clarity, rather than looking to an authority for answers.


Deep Thought
Are you grappling with complex ideas but don’t have the right people to help you think them through? David is a great collaborator for high intellect thinkers. Get in touch and we can invent an appropriate approach.